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40 Years Honegger Philately AG

It is a big personal effort connected with such a company’s jubilee; not necessarily happening by itself like you get older with doing anything. And whether I got wiser, I cannot judge by myself because I leave that to judge for my colleagues or clients. The longer you do your daily job, the more it is possible to become knotted and into a one way track mind because you think that you have always done it this way and want to proceed that way for the future. That was never my motto .It will hopefully never be, although I find my own experiences throughout all those year quite useful. Even after patting myself on the shoulder, I wonder about the future of philately and about the philatelists and their activities. If my own experience throughout many years then I recognize how little I know and what I really know. By being in contact with big and small collectors you will always find other people, who have made some new astounding experience, which surpasses yours by far. You are also led to fields, which will need a lot of interesting research and which could be taken on by an enthusiastic “young” pensioner, who would welcome such “job” with a fulfilled and satisfying pleasure. We philatelists tend to have certain a arrogance because we feel well in our special field and therefore are not interested in other opinions or do not wish to listen to new ideas. Let’s say that I am not part of those. On the contrary :also if I am keen to make as little mistakes as possible concerning our lots, I would not dare to pretend to be perfect. Certain leniency is not necessary for myself but I would insist that all our official experts are forgiven.. As long as people work, mistakes will happen. Some do more than others. As long as such mistakes are not committed because of financial premeditations, I think one should show certain leniency judging such cases. Modesty in judging your own work will be in any case good and also necessary. However I feel a steady increase of gratitude towards many clients and colleagues, of whose knowledge and loyalty we were able to take advantage for long time. The incentive to be grateful and to pay back for it, makes you think every year. Please accept my offer: If you have any question concerning the old classic stamps of Switzerland, then ask me when ever you wish. I would be very pleased to pass on any gathered knowledge about Swiss stamps. In doubt I can possible send you to a person, who is an expert on that subject. It does not matter whether you contact me over the phone or whether you come to see me especially here at my office, I will also have more time for you in future and your collection.

What do you think would have happened to our many catalogues and offers without the direct support of my son, who is describing the catalogue in my place for already some years and the help of my wife and numerous other members of our family? You would not receive the present catalogue neither the previous ones. I would like to include them all in my special thanks and my hope that you all have a merry Christmas a happy peaceful New Year.

Schmerikon, November 17th 2005 Gottfried Honegger

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