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We have in the Classic Switzerland Philately

NeueSchweizAlbum 2010

One can divide the Classic Switzerland collectors very easily into two categories:

1. Collectors, who are trying to get every cat. Number as single stamps, who are not interested in covers, multiples or cancellations. These collectors look after their treasures for decades and fill the gaps of the pre-printed album pages of various album producers.

2. Collectors, who are not satisfied with a ” basic collection” and who have apart from single stamps( mint or cancelled” also covers , multiples and cancellations. These are also those- perhaps best described as very advanced- collectors, who like to exhibit their collection. He works only with blank album pages, which he arranges individually. Thus, it is up to him how many pages he wants.

It was regrettable that we did have until now an intermediate stage. The new album of the Swiss Dealers Federation would like to fill this gap. It is in fact an artwork, which so to say not for the big exhibition collector, who desires anyway to arrange his own collection. Here in this case the idea is to offer to the “normal” collector, who filled so far only gaps in the album and who had only limited space of pre-printed albums, the opportunity to have more space and principally to build up his collection in a more descriptive and more instructive way. You see on all pages illustrations of the period of these classic first issues or professional explanations, which gives also a beginner a valuable and interesting idea about the history of classic Swiss stamps. You feel transferred back into the time and realises as a witness of the past period the first stamps and learns about this living treasure of Swiss culture. These old stamps of Switzerland will gain through this presentation not only beauty but will also arouse the interest of beginners and nonprofessionals. And this independently from the quality of its content.

We are convinced that this album will be extremely useful to the majority of “normal” collectors, realising that their stamps of the first issues look much than later perforated stamps or even those of the 20th century, which are mostly boring or “simple”. You cannot, however, increase the number of stamps with this new album but one gets at least the feeling that the already arranged stamps look better and more imposing and arouse the interest of the newcomer. The whole part of Classic Stamps of Switzerland looks carefully displayed.

NeueSchweizAlbum 2010 1

This album will be offered in four parts:

  1. Basic packet: 18 pages printed with the main catalogue numbers.
  2. Special packet: 26 pages outlining the SBK-Zumstein sub-numbers+ postmarks.
  3. Blank album pages: a total of 10 blank additional pages relating to the various issues, ideal for arranging covers or multiples,
  4. The quality Ring binder beautifully decorated on the cover.

The price for all four parts is Swiss Francs 149.- plus postage.
You can see a sample copy in our office in Schmerikon.

Special offer for our clients valid until 28th February 2010:
With the purpose of promoting the distribution of this album and to interest the largest possible number of “normal” collectors of Classic Swiss stamps in an incomparably much more fascinating and more descriptive Classic Switzerland collection, they profit of our special offer until the end of February 2010.

With the purchase of one or several cantonal issues on cover for a minimum of CHF 1,500.-, we will supply the album described above (with all four parts)free of charge!

Important. Absolutely specify with the order that you wish to receive this album. If you place your order without this note, we assume that you already conceived your collection and that do not wish to alter your collection and without taking advantage of the offer.

NeueSchweizAlbum 2010 2

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