03 honegger philatelie Wissenswertes

Thougths about the Market Situation 2005

It is not easy for me to differ much in my commentary today than from last year. That in itself is a very positive statement. When our new catalogue came out at the end of 2004 we sold beyond our expectation at the end of last year and continued doing so for the first and second quarter in order to come a usually quiet summertime and a gradually increasing demand at the autumn season. We had the pleasure of being spoilt by this very positive course of constant demands for some years now and it seems to continue that this pleasant development of classic Swiss philately will last throughout the New Year (I can only speak of our own business of classic Swiss stamps of 1843 to 1880).

  1. The available income has continued to rise in most parts of the
population. We will also have in Germany an improvement of consumers spending after the last election (although this may take a while). The inflation remains very low as before. One does notice gradual increases although extremely moderate ones.
  2. The stock exchanges had a good year, or to say even an excellent year. Many clients did earn a lot of money. An ideal opportunity, to deduct at least half of the winning and invest that in a field, which can offer you a long lasting joy. This could mean a long planned special pleasure cruise or a domestic necessity like a bigger car or a new kitchen but why not some beautiful stamps? In a time of low interest some investors will ask themselves whether it would not be a good idea to invest a portion into alternative possibilities, which do not give you an interest but which will give you a better reward , a guarantee to give you satisfaction and joy.
  3. Internationally seen, one can predict a rather good economic
development. One does not expect any crisis. Unforeseen events however must be calculated but as the past year has shown us, the world economic situation remains astonishingly stable and unaffected.
  4. After the time of boom in the seventies and at the beginning of the
eighties prices also for classic stamps partly decreased although in a different way. For example there were hardly any changes for the field of “native “ collections, people collecting their native town or canton, specifically collecting classic native postmarks, to be found mainly on the issues of used perforated Sitting Helvetia, Strubelis or Rayons. However, you can pick up today the Cantonals well 20-25 % less than in those times. At least in excellent condition, that is not the case for the cheap quality, which kept absolutely well its value.

In the last years there was no further price drop although the offer of these classic Swiss stamps is internationally less from year to year. That should lead sooner or later to a shortage so that one could maintain that it is now the ideal time to start collecting a classic Switzerland collection. It is ideal moment because the previous exorbitant prices were corrected, the prices today remain stable for already several years and the offer of these stamps is far less .The prospects can be judged more favourable in the international market than ever before.

Stamps – neither the modern nor the old classic ones are a good example for investment. It would be a pity if they were. They are wonderful collecting objects, which should be in the first place enjoyed and that as a rule for many years, even for decades. Fairly stable prices (with a slight increase in the long run) are therefore more desirable and reliable than sudden big price jumps which no doubt promise also price drops.

Judging the different ways of Collecting Possibilities:
The Cantonals: True deluxe items are a bit more reasonable since their highest level. However, prices are for a few years very stable for medium and less quality. We find it difficult to supply the later and are very interested in buying minor quality To emphasize this fact, we would like to inform you of the following offer: if you have Cantonals with little to big defects and would like to replace those with immaculate, perfect items, we will take your defective pieces for an advantageous price in exchange. Just try us.

Rayons: The prices are stable, no “overheated”. The plating of the different printing stones has initiated many collectors to start this fascinating subject. As long as our supplies last, the old prices will remain the same. Since there are no big lots on the market or are in the near future, this situation will change soon. Please contact us without hesitation regarding the printing stones.

Strubelis: Normal no exaggerated prices. The signs for such a thing started for covers to rare destinations but prices are now rightly less and normal if one can talk today of a “normal” market. This is for the collector looking for his native town or county/canton one of the most important and richest area.
Sitting Helvetia, perforated/ and numbered stamps: Although this category counts also to one of the most important ones for the “home” collector, we can maintain that prices are very normal. No danger for overheated prices.

Unused Old Classic Swiss Stamps : There are some new collectors in this field. However, this field, especially the imperforated issues, is price wise well behind the rest and therefore very attractive to buy. Of some issue you hardly see any offer and particularly not in very possible condition so that you must be happy to find anything offered to you. Cheaper printing stones among the Rayons and the standard issues of the Strubeli are not difficult to find. When you looking for rarer plates,the offer becomes very sporadic. Some new collectors could buy out in one go the whole market.

Collectors looking for pieces of their birthplace in German “ Heimat” their home town or home country.Tthis could mean postmarks of one Canton, one certain area to which the collector has a special relation. This kind of collection has a great advantage that one cannot see any obvious gaps in your collection. You only notice which is there and you are not upset about missing items, having gaps in the collection. This type of collection is for collectors with a limited budget (but not only for this one) moreover an ideal way for a personal collection, which cannot be easily copied. By studying intensely one certain area, you will find often big connoisseurs and specialists, who can display more knowledge and experience than any expert or dealer. Here through research you achieve thanks to philately a big gain.

Birthday Collections: This is surely the most ideal help to start a collection for a collector. This way of collecting means to gather the date of birth of your successor, your child, your grandson or grand daughter or your god child ( only the day and month and then in many different years).
This is only an idea to start a collection. In this way one can build up a very personal collection and to have a personal relation to this work and not only a mere meaningless piece of inheritance to which you have no relation. But here you have your own joy and therefore – as a part of a inheritance you do not want to sell because you feel it’s yours.
Knowing that you will have a successor for your own collection, even if the successor is aware of this before and is collecting something else in the meantime, is very reassuring and satisfying to yourself; especially, if you have been following your hobby for several decades.

A personal Goal for all of us: Try to win at least one new collector to our hobby and motivate him. You can do this within your family or among your friends. In this way you help to find new interested clients for our beautiful Swiss stamps and maybe even one day for our own.

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