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Thoughts on the market situation 2012

It was not at all boring during this year! However it would be simpler to write a monthly report about the market situation then to make of it a summary report about the whole year! The whole world spoke of turbulences of the currencies, of banks crises and this of whole countries. And today, toward at the end of November 2011 the world economic situation and particularly about the threatening inflation of the most important countries . Also the new year will take our breath away surely quite frequently! Anyhow, if we let us drift in that area, which we can affect us personally,we have to act.

But you let me say only once something to our own financial year. It is Importantlto mention that we are concerned only about the, classic Swiss stamps of the first 30 years, exactly from 1843 to approximately 1880. The market of the later expenditures looks differently, which is however not our main concern. This financial year can be summed up in one sentence: Very well! We had one of the most successful years and were allowed to gain some new customers who got to us thanks to of recommendations of other customers and who showed an interestin us when seeing us on the internet.

They saw the unused stamps in the trade very reasonable, which has to be said that they are been offered still today as too low and underestimated.

Beautiful Kantonals in luxury quality, as well as (surprisingly)  cheap pieces of inferior quality go quite well. Somewhat more depressed is it how medium quality is traded in the market, of which you could find large collections or large dealer stocks and of which there was somewhat too much at one time.

There were hardly any large amounts of Rayons and Strubelis on the market, and that is the reason why the relevant market situation proved as firm.Strubelis are collected predominantly after the old numbering of Zumstein catalogues, however, more and more after new classifying system of Urs Hermann. In his comprehensive work (available from us). Extraordinarily comprehensive and founded analyses are for the production and delivery of the individual expenses.. Important for all advanced collectors are those natural few new numbers, which resulted according to its studies and which still  offer another large potential to work upon.

The area of the perforated Sitting Helvetia lis based to a large part (however already applied to the Rayons and Strubelis) according to special cancellations and rare destinations of the foreign letters. The then overestimation of the latter has corrected itself already for some years to an absolutely normal value not to say over favourable purchase level on which one may develop today problem-free  collectiong
Prospects for the coming months (and years):

1. We probably even approach of a quiet economic situation, in many countries a time of recession. The number of unemployed people will rise (world-wide) and the available means for many will dry out. That will lead to a restraint in the purchase behavior of some collectors. According to experience these are rather collectors with smaller budgets

2. On the other side many investors refuse extending due loans although at today's ridiculously low interest rates andstop buying.. Often it concerns in this case retired people who are quite pleased to spend money from their savings for themselves either for a nice cruise or other holidays abroad. Also a lot of money is spent on the house furniture and paintings. And recently they started gradually to return buying classic Swiss stamps. The question hereby does not matter what return or yield in involved. The purchase reason is centered about the joy and plrasure to acquire something they like. . With a certain own expertise or a profound consultation you can feel your whole life happy with our classic Switzerland stamps.Even still if all other activities (sports, trips are no longer possible) for age reasons. To this category belong also people with substantially more money according to experience means.

3. The market for classic Swiss stamps takes place particularly in Swiss Francs. And that brought us not only never caused us problems in the past, but will probably still employ us in the future. This applies, above all also, because a beautiful part of our old Switzerland stamps abroad are sold. Even if  the currencies of our most important foreign markets have within very short time approx.20% devaluations (and in few years - in the point - up to 50%!), then it takes almost a miracle, if one can also only hold the prices in Swiss Francs.Exactly this was however the case! I consider this as a positive indication. With the purchase of old Switzerland stamps you not only acquire a Swiss cultural property, but invest also into strong Swiss Francs.

4. In view of overlapping accumulation of debts in many countries and unlimited printing of new money,  one can only point towards: Inflation. One must  not have experienced personally and we learn an historic example, as I  recently read in a of the German philatelic publication  : A letter fpr mailing costs on 1st October 1919 20 Pfennig. In the following months and years the Mark was devalued so that the price for a same letter to 15th Jan.1923  cost suddenly 50 Marks. From August 1923 the price increases gradually to over 1000 Marks on then 75,000, and then goes to 2,000,000,and even then reaches 100,000,000 Marks, in order to climb in November 1923 on 80,000,000,000 Marks finally. After the currency reform of 1.12.1823 it was 1,000,000,000,000. -- (= 1 trillion old Mark!) ! All cash in account, shares or loans) from earlier time were worth hardly the paper on which it were printed .Even if one will not directly subordinate now that we have equivalent developments again before us, then the phenomenon is given the inflation is a threat and should be considered. If we ask ourselves , what it means for us, andr recall, what had still retained the value in those crisis years. Answer:: Land and property, gold and alternative, not fitting which are based on a currency (pictures, decoration, classic stamps).

With the category land and properties it is known that prices rose here in Switzerland properly and many are of the opinion that good layers (fewer less sure) since they are already are in a price blister, which could abruptly also burst. Not an ideal time to start now. Besides neither lands or houses can be sure to rise nor simply guaranteed if the country changes nationally.
Gold surely is one of the possibilities, which was used for centuries as an “escape currency”. Surely also today a noteworthy alternative. Only…. if you consider, in like few years the gold price in dollars has increased its value 6 times in the past years, one must nevertheless ask the question whether “the trees grow actually into the sky ". Is it still time to invest in it now?
Also paintings and objets d’art are reliably possibilities, which are used today. A certain disadvantage is in my eyes the fact that the market is not well proyected and understandable.

Remain our classic Switzerland stamps! one must be fair and say that also this market is quite close compared to a gold market, where daily unbelievable sums are spent. A respectable and competent consultation is here surely required. This is however present, may one point out calmly that the prices of our old stamps  (in contrast for instance to the sixfold increase with the gold) did not experience for years a price increase and therefore always is still on purchase level That has  to do probably above all  that the market in gold takes place in dollars, those however for our old Switzerland stamps in Swiss Francs And first revalued itself strongly off of Swiss Francs regardless of its value. Therefore holding the prices our classic Switzerland already firm in Swiss Francs is a beautiful success and a good indication of the stability of the market. For this reason I am very confident also for the further future of the classic Switzerland market.

5. Few only know that classic Switzerland stamps are collected by many prominent people and industrial leaders. Reliably they buy such also for reasons of a certain alternative investment. But this kind of collecting plays itself usually quite discretely in the background. Many organised philatelists support the fact that the philatelic associations show today a dimishing number of members and does not see that this in such a way goes also to most other associations today. We live in a time of individualizing. The computer and Internet have much contributedto it. Today's collecting stamps seem to the weekly table reserved for regulars discussions in village-pickle less Zuspruch to give than the individual leisure activities at home or with the family. That may be today different than in former times, has however the Philately or stamp collecting has nothing in common with the  present one. And whether this today's collecting manipulation is worse than that the one from in former times, I dares  to doubt! Naturally one may purge never commit the error to equate generally the decrease of the club members with a decrease of the Sammlerei ! Because formerly many collectors belonged to clubs also countless people were, which one can call today only small speculators. The almost guaranteed price increases of the new issues printed by the post office were the shares of the small man " under the key word “to such an expectation attitude. After these price promises transformed later the following years into the opposite,.This type of collector did not continue and  turned their back at philately. Whether one is a real philatelist their number is diminishing, You may disagree.

By these turbulences of stamps, particularly from the last 50 years the classic Switzerland area remained to a large extent spared fortunately. Applies nevertheless still: buy the classic stamps frpm a reliable supplier whom you can trust and who is to some extent competent and buy above all pieces which you personally like and which you really enjoy .You will only then be able to retain this joy to to your end of life.

The newly design album of the Switzerland stamp dealer federation:

This album is a continuation of the traditional albums of the most diverse punlishers.Here the stamps are explained and placed into an historical connected space. Also additional sheets are offered, on which you can displaysuch as letters, pairs or units and even essays. The album gives above all for the newcomer - a outstanding impression and is particularly suitable for collectors, who would like to arrange more with personal taste a variety also a classic collection somewhat more interesting, somewhat,than it is possible with a traditional album. It is however meant for the advanced exhibition collector, who  arranges his sheets anyway in his own way. You will find a link to this album on our homepage.

You can acquire this album from us. After large success of selling this album last year, we decided to continue this offer: With the purchase (or several) of classic Swiss Francs at the value of more than Swiss Francs 1.500. -- we do not charge you for this album but offer it gtrr of charge to you! Complete with all additional pages. This applies to orders in classical Swiss stamps or covers.
Owing to:

Let me also remind you this year of the fact that our son Markus draws up this catalogue entirely by himself. His wife Claudia works on the correct description ,my wife Margot helps us daily in the office and also our relatives ensure every year that the catalog can be mailed and sent off in time for the beginning of the new year. They all would like to thank I from their hearts, exactly yo thank you in  the same way as our customer, who creates anyhow numerous contacts, which we enjoyed with you in the past year.

I wish you a happy New year and a lucky hand to choose to buy a piece, which you know is a possible lifelong genuine joy.

Schmerikon, 21. November 2011
Gottfried Honegger


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