03 honegger philatelie Wissenswertes

About our Jubilee

On the occasion of our Golden Jubilee event this automne, we want to offer you something different. In addition to the normal catalogue we want to show you in this small special catalogue a number of extraordinary pieces of a different class, mostly more precious and outstanding exhibition items, which we have been reserved for years for such a special catalogue. The currently extremely huge demand for Classic Switzerland rarities, convinced us to realise this idea now. So we continued even during the last few months to select similar suitable items. This decision is in accordance  with our guiding principle that we interested to help our customers, who intend to build a collection up in a safe and fast way and who may not wish to wait for months or longer since they like to get to improve quickly improved because their goals are to participate into an exhibitions for which they have be ready to observe the set deadline. Consequently one or other big piece acquisitions could make a huge difference. Especially when it comes to an exhibition collection, where good professional advice is appreciated.

Many other pieces – however – we will sell nevertheless in the course of the next few months or even years. Particularly in the units of the Rayon and Strubel for various reasons are now almost not on the market. It is not primarily to the sale of individual pieces. If you searched for decades for larger units and also had acquired them, you want to leave certain groups together or en bloc as a whole “family“ so to speak in order to pass them on as such to the new owner, who will have probably just as much joy as I had.

We consider it as a special distinction and appreciation to our company or our business principles that we have been offered in the last few years a number of normal, right up to the very large collections which we could integrade to our stock and or which we sold partly as a whole lot to specialists. Our commitment to customers to advise and serve them in the most comprehensive and competent way, was surely the reason to do so. But all this would not have been possible if the customer did not trust us explitely in all transactions. Thus we are very grateful. This is a tacid reward, which you cannot earn with money, but only with years of sincere effort and competent service. We will endeavor to do that also in the future.

Most collectors are not used to see important rarities or amazingly beautiful singles and probably cannot believe that such material is directly offered to them by a dealer. They assume that such rarities are today only offered by auctions. We know that and give them full credit. However, do not belittle our stock. We are in touch with all Classic Switzerland collectors and many have become friends. Yes, many of them pay for years and are our good colleague, however quite often friends. Nevertheless we would like to say – and I hope that we stress this with this catalogue that today it is the same as than in earlier years that there are collectors, who appreciate it to be served by a dealer,whom they can truly trust when choosing an item and ultimately to be able to purchase with a guaranteed satisfaction. And this all at full discretion, which is only sometimes the case when buying at auction.
We hope that you will enjoy the new special Jubilee. Perhaps even may be tempted to consider one or the other piece seriousely. We will be pleased to hear from you. If you have any questions,we are here to help you.

Gottfried Honegger Schmerikon, im November 2015

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