03 honegger philatelie Wissenswertes

Anniversary year 2020

If you have anniversary celebrations in mind, you have every reason to look forward to 2020! You can - but don't have to - invite all your friends and acquaintances to every single occasion. However, there is a danger that your wine cellar could be emptied by Christmas! On the other hand, the question arises whether you would not like to afford such an anniversary stamp for your collection. Take a look at the many philatelic celebration possibilities that will arise in 2020:


175 years small Geneva Eagle, no. 5


175 years Basel Dove, no. 8


170 years Vaud 5, no. 10


170 years Winterthur, no. 12



170 years Orts-Post, nos. 13I and 13II



170 years Poste Locale, no. 14I


0178 0189

170 years Rayon I dark blue nos. 15I and 15II



0217 0226

170 years Rayon II (stones A1, A2 and A3)


For all these birthday children we have put together a considerable variety of individual pieces bearing different cancellations, often also pairs, mixed frankings and units. However - as always - only a small part is shown in the new catalogue. If you are interested in an addition to your collection that you cannot find in the catalogue, please let us know. It would be best if we could sit down together during a visit and look at and discuss the pieces without obligation. Bring your existing pieces with you so you will be able to see much better what would best fit into your collection.

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